Monday, June 21, 2010

Manic Monday!

I had one day free of appts this week.. I can't believe it! That has not happened to me in a long time--usually I am free most days!! Soo I filled Monday to make it all filled this week.. lol!! I made cards to put in the guild for next weekend!

Here is a doggie bathtime card!! I had sooo much fun designing this one!! I am SOOOO loving my DS!!! I am seeing myself with a Gypsy very very soon!! I will need for days like tomorrow sitting at the guild all day!! Hmmmmmm

This one is done using the design of the fancy fold pop up card found by searching that on Youtube! I had to get a wedding card done for my daughters friend at work who is getting married next month!! Wow-- I am for once ahead of the game!!


  1. love the cards.. they are great.

  2. oh look at your beautiful cards... so so beautiful.... I love them all... you are doing such a beautiful happy that you let me know you stopped by so I could find you again!

    They are suppost to have the board fixed July 1 with a new server.

    Hugs and Love