Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cards made that never got posted...

Here are some cards that I created using inspiration from blogs that I visit from time to time!

Here I welded bits and pieces together using my new DS! How fun to experiment!

Here I used the heart corner punch as a circle border punch--love that technique and fun too!

Here is my first shaped card...it turnedo ut upside down and backwards from what I had intended--practice makes better!! Still very fun!

Here are a few more cards that I made while "away" from blogging! I hope you enjoy!

Returning from a Hiatus

Hi all ~ I have been MIA for a bit now.. ohh my almost 6 months it seems! WOW I wish I could say it was soo much fun that time flew that fast! I have had some medical issues and have been down here and there! I have also had PC issues in between those which has added to the "fun"!!
I have made a few "needed" cards in that time and will attempt to try to share those if my camera will cooperate!

Here are a couple that I made for my husbands doctors that he has had to see lately.

Oh oh oh--for Mother's Day I received Design Studio and had to play--Here is the second card that I did for the doc--I used my george cart and created a guitar since my husbands request was for a rocking guitar card for his male doc who is in a band. This is what i came up with following a card from Jeannie's blog using IA cart, which I don't have--YET! Sorry about the quality of the photo... my camera is being nasty!