Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wow --share the new news!!

Well, I can see now exactly how long it's been since I last posted... shame on me!! I was sitting here this morning thinking it had been a little while--it sure has!
I have been very busy with the new school year starting and all. Some of you know, but for those who don't, I homeschool my girls and they keep me very busy! We have just finished volunteering at the State Fair for the week! That was soo fun--yet tiring! I managed to sell a few cards there in between the sour weather--yayyy!! That was uplifting!!
I also am honored to be spotlighted for the month of October as guest designer along side Jeannie Phillips, who is amazing at making the most beautiful cards!! She is one talented woman for sure! You can see more of her beauty HERE! I almost shriveled when she asked me to be her guest for the month of October! I have been out of commission on the card front for a short length of time (6 months or so) and I started getting in the groove of things again when my friend, Sandra Flake, bought a Cricut!! She called to share the news of hers and tell me all about the machine, when I surprised her by telling her that I already owned one and had had it for a!! I was inspired to get it chirping like crazy..and have been chirping regularly since! I love the support found at the MB on the Cricut website--this is how Jeannie found me! I am truly honored! Thanks for sharing a part of ME Jeannie, for the month of October!


  1. Dawn, Congratulations on being chosen to be Jeannie's guest designed. Let me tell you that although it is an honor because she is so talented, it is much deserved. Your work is awesome. I just entered Win a Card and have my fingers crossed. Keep up the good work! Julia Moss

  2. Dawne,
    I am the fortunate winner of the Turkey Thanks Pedestal Card from Jeannie's giveaway.
    The card is amazing, it will be treasured. The festive mailing envelope made me feel like a kid again.
    Thank you, thank you!

    Kathy LaScala

  3. Kathy~ I am soo glad that you are pleased with the card!! Thanks for letting me know that you received it!!